4 Easy Ways to Make a Difference in Others’ Lives

In college, I used to volunteer faithfully a few days every month. I was struggling financially back then, and my time was the only way I could give to others with what I had. Giving to others used to be one of my biggest priorities. I did it cheerfully and it never seemed like work. Then, life sorta happened and what was once one of my favorite pastimes became a chore. I felt like I was actually wasting my time by giving it to others.

This happens a lot with career-focused people, as we sometimes lose sight of the important things in life once the money and success starts rolling in. Things like volunteering and time with family can take a backseat if you don’t intentionally prioritize them. Today, although I’m still busy, I’m treating helping others and making a difference like a priority again. Here’s how:

1. Something as Simple as Hello

Making a difference in someone’s life doesn’t have to be some grand gesture that costs you resources that you don’t have. A lot of people in this world, especially in America, are dealing with loneliness. We are an individualistic society and not everyone has a strong support group of family and friends. Humans need regular human contact and socialization. Show up for others by engaging them socially. Ask how they are doing. Listen with intent. Be kind. You never know how much this may mean to those who need it.

2. Show Up for Them

Do you ever find yourself missing your loved ones big moments? If so, stop doing that. It can be heartbreaking to put your all into something only to have none of your friends and family support it. Don’t be the person that contributes to that feeling for others. If someone is excited for a big moment in their life, take one for the team and show up for that moment.

3. Encourage Them

Today’s society is not a good place to live for the sensitive soul. All too often, people with dreams are discouraged from following them by others. So many great ideas are abandoned on the side of the road because they are “impractical” or too lofty. Cars and planes were impractical at one point too, yet here we are. Take the time to encourage the people in your life to go after their goals and dreams. You never know who you are talking to and what ideas of theirs may change the world.

4. Wake Up Every Morning

This is the simplest thing you can do to make a difference in the world. You are here because you matter. It may not always feel like it, but you have a purpose in this world. Waking up everyday going out into society is the only way to fulfill it. You mean something to someone, in one way or another. Wake up every morning and be great!




Hobby writer and personal development enthusiast looking to enrich and connect through the art of writing.

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Sira Jordan

Sira Jordan

Hobby writer and personal development enthusiast looking to enrich and connect through the art of writing.

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